Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rounding Corners

Many times in woodworking, we need to give some part of a project rounded corners.

A tabletop corner, an opening for cables to come from down below, that sort of thing. You can round a corner many ways: bandsaw, jigsaw, bowsaw, hand plane, spokeshave, drawknife, hatchet, rasp, sander, router - - I've used them all from time to time. But how do you mark out the rounded corner?

You can use a compass, if you know the radius and center point of the circle. You can use a circle template - - but somehow I can never find mine when I want it.
Or you can just go through the shop looking for cans, bottles, jars, of lengths of pvc pipe that look like they might have the proper radius.

 Looks about right . . . WD-40 can looked a little too small for this seat corner.
 Nicely laid out.
 My $15 pawn shop jigsaw. A Black & Decker. I'd rather have a Bosch or Festool, but this one refuses to die, so I'll keep saving my money.
 If that's supposed to be a cutting board, the handle is kind of awkward.
 Yet another use for the 1-2-3 block: laying out naugahyde with a 2" overlap.
 That foam is salvaged packaging material.

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