Camera SOLD

(This camera sold at auction on ebay)

My first DSLR, used on this blog and to make videos for Highland Woodworking since 2016. Excellent shape. My new camera is a Canon T7i, I'll be excited to start sharing images made with it here.


Further Adventures in Workholding, Episode IX

Ms. L. is returning to work for another school year, so it's time for me to write a brief essay on "What I Did over Summer Vacation."

We spent each weekend


Shop Report

Here's what I have going on in the shop these days. As with anything, there's more going on than you hear about in any one place!

Here's the Shaker-inspired table we built in


Videos Worth Watching: "Medieval Wood Riving"

A museum team in Sweden shows excellent axe techniques for felling, bucking, riving and hewing as they duplicate 40-foot-long rafters in a medieval Swedish church.

The segment on controlling the riving is my favorite. Early in the video you can see that the tree used for the original rafters has considerable twist, and the crew shows how to overcome that.

Lately I've been following the "Finnish Vintage Axes" account on Instagram, and  now I see what all those long-headed axes are for. It also looks like "mortising" axes have a more general use during the controlled riving.

The best woodworking videos give me an itch to get busy. This one does that, in spades!


Stacked Birch Bark Knife Handle: New Video

I recently made and posted this video to YouTube: 


it's a stacked birchbark handle! WOW!

The process of making the handle was quite enjoyable, and the result is wonderful. The handle is grippy, resilient, and warm in the hand. Even when wet! I will be making more.


If I Should Die, Think Only This of Me: "How Much Can We Get for His Table Saw?"

A better title for this entry might be "The Woodworking Aspects of Estate Planning." 

I have been aware of Chanel Reynolds for a few years now. I get a monthly email from her that says, in essence, "Prepare To Die!" And someday I'll do that. Maybe this is the year I finally make my will!

One thing I have done as an initial, feeble, wobbly movement in Chanel's direction, is to start