Monday, April 6, 2015

Bench Risers: A Simple, Versatile Woodworking Accessory

These bench accessories are something that most woodworkers should make for themselves. They're easy to make, and they come in handy in unexpected ways.

I think I got the idea from one of
Jim Tolpin's books, where I think he calls them “bench risers,” with a little bit of Pat Warner's “router horse” thrown in.

They're wonderful for routing flat workpieces, because they lift the work to a level that's much more comfortable for my back than my workbench top, and it's really easy to clamp the work to them to stabilize it.

Here I'm using the pair of them, stacked on the floor, to hold cabinet sides at a good height for ironing edgebanding on to them.

Besides using them to elevate work above the bench, or the floor, you can use them on the floor with a plank across the pair of them, so you can reach something high on the wall, walking along the length of the beam. You can also use them to keep lumber, or parts, off the floor so they don't get wet or warped, and easier to pick up than bending all the way down.

If you make a pair of these, you'll not be sorry. I'll try to make a point of taking pictures of their other uses. This week, though, I'm focusing on a built-in desk for my home office. More on that (and other sidetracks from it) to come!

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